Mathew Hassell


Serial entrepreneur Mathew is Transport2’s founder and CEO. With a strong background in the transport and technology sectors, Mathew’s idea to apply cutting-edge tech and data analysis to the MaaS industry has powered our growth.

Richard Woods


Richard brings over a decade of operations experience to Transport2’s senior leadership team. Having worked to develop strategies and guide expansion for companies all over the world, Richard brings unrivalled expertise to our company’s operations.

Neil Stockton


Growing a successful company needs financial expertise at the very highest levels. Having formulated financial strategies, liaised with investors and provided forecasting and analysis for two decades, Neil provides Transport2 with that expertise.

Shaun Gabriel


As an experienced software engineer and project manager, Shaun’s technological expertise is key to Transport2’s future development. By embracing the latest game-changing technologies, Shaun helps us guide the future of the MaaS sector.

Angie Dickinson

Corporate Sales Director

With over 18 years’ IT experience, Angie’s background in cyber-security and technology infrastructure ensures that Transport2’s growth has been achieved without compromising on the safety or efficiency of our products and services.